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什么是3d墙绘(3d wall painting),简单的说,直接画在墙面上的具有3维立体效果的绘画作品,当然另外一种是画在其他材质载体上比如油画布,木板安装在墙壁上的做法,我们可以则称其为3d壁画,或者3d墙画,其实他们都统统属于3d立体画范畴,就是结合实际场景在二维空间表现3维虚拟画面的绘画表现形式。

What is a 3d wall painting (3d wall painting), simply, directly painted on the wall paintings with three-dimensional effect, of course, is painted on another carrier other materials such as canvas, wood mounted on the wall on the practice, we can called it 3d mural or wall painting 3d, in fact, they are all part of 3d three-dimensional painting category, is a combination of two-dimensional representation in the actual scene painting forms three-dimensional virtual screen.

本图例为格蓝调艺术为巴中克拉美珠宝所做的3d墙绘图 访问地址:http://www.3d-dihua.com/litihua/210.htm



Since the industry is a newly painted walls rise of industry, so there is no industry standard starting price algorithm can refer to, mostly need to look at each wall painting company or companies offer system. For example, our grid blues, for 3d wall painting we have detailed quotations algorithm, more than 1 square one square we calculated how much money, but less than 1 square pieces of our press operators to calculate the costs.




3d wall painting pure hand-painted, due to the very time-consuming, but also according to the achievements of painting themselves to a comprehensive measure of prices, we grid blues art, generally 300-700 square for a fee range, of course, this is just a production test price specifically according to customer's actual situation had to be, for example, customers need to individually designed, or transportation and installation packages require additional computing these costs, excluding production costs in the months inside.




Since my company engaged in the wall painting 3d rendering many years of experience, and we are drawing teacher from Chengdu's top artists, both from the efficiency and quality of our studio where other companies have unparalleled advantages. In addition, the company's site by a professional, can accept an area of 1000 square meters in size paintings, and this picture is a substantial way other companies do not have to complete a task.

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